During his daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner, old-fashioned Morty makes a last push at presenting her with an alternative prospect.


A fun play on wedding rehearsals gone wrong, the conservative father of the bride-to-be is unable to accept his daughter’s choice for a husband – letting it spill out at the most untimely moment.

Desperate to “save” Becky’s future, Morty’s antics bring a handsome stranger into the picture as the night’s events take a turn for the unexpected, and inheritances questioned.


David Frisch

as Morty

Theresa Tova

as Sylvia

Aidan Devine

as Joel

Leslie Ann Coles

as Gina

Alex Clay

as Tyler


as Becky


as Ryan

Margaret Lamarre

as Bubbe

Cameron Laurie

as Ryan's Partner

Maher El Hares

as the Server

Background Performers

Andrew Barr, Troy Boudreau, Julie Dixon, Nathan Hoppe, Michael Janetakes, Vakhtang Kamladze, Maryna Kluban, Sim-On Mahary, Patricia Roussel Boivin, Kujtim Tremkoli, Marina Vorobyeva, Galene Will, Lisa Zhu


Executive Producers

Antoine Tapin & Pierre Gregory

Associate Producers

Lindsay Keir & Maher El Hares

Cinematography/1st Operator

Onno Weeda

Line Producer

Leah Joseph

1st AD

Jake Godfrey

Production Designer

Kim Nanderam

B Cam First Assistant Photographer

Nazar Zhezhera

B Cam Second Assistant Photographer

Tara Muhlberghuber

First Company Grip

Ilse Moreno

Chief Lighting Technician

Poncho Navarro

Location Sound & Mixing

Nathaniel Barker

Digital Imaging Technician

Avi Tarvarayan

3D Prop Modellers

Robin Eustace Bird & Winifred Bird

Hair & Make-up Assistant

Tongfei Xu

Post Production

Walter Reggi

Reggi Media International Inc.

Acid4Yuppies Art

Courtesy of Arnie Guha

Written & Directed by

Pierre Gregory

Editor & Music Supervisor

Walter Riggi

Riggi Media International Inc.

Script Supervisor

Tracy Messenger

2nd AD

Anita Zvonar

Wardrobe Coordinator

Ethan Joshua

A Cam First Assistant Photographer

Pierre Branconnier

A Cam Second Assistant Photographer

Ishmail "Ish" Ali

Second Company Grip

Ross Mendigorin

A Cam Dolly Grip

Chris Nobel

Assistant Chief Lighting Technician

Navneet Virdi

Key Hair & Make-up Artist

Gabrielle GG Martin

Hair & Make-up Assistant

Rachel Botelho

Hair & Make-up Assistant

Ana Van Der Mark

Craft & Catering

Virgine Durmangin

Production Assistants

Sergii Voronin, Kothai Sriranganathan, Shereen Mala, EL Lejano

Special Thanks to

Hart Massey, Mélie B. Rondeau, Chad Snider, Laurene Vanzella, Jameson Kelly, 3030 Dundas West, Hamilton Public Library Makerspace


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