About Us


It's like movie magic!

Exocet works with industry professionals who are recognized for the quality of their work and fosters culture of open-mindedness.

/ Great Film Production

We're creatures of imagination and every team member does their part to support the story being told - for we all long to be taken on a journey.

/ Leveraging Teamwork

The secret to our success letting our team members thrive where they're at their most creative; A guiding principal of our process.

/ The Language of Choice

Firmly rooted in our national heritage, we embrace cultural and linguistic diversity by continuing to produce narratives in both French & English.


by Experience

A bilingual duo with 35+ years experience; Leading a team of professionals with passion.

Antoine Tapin


Pierre Gregory


equally important non-executives

Hands-down and hand-picked quality

The rest of our teammates are in hair & makeup so we need a few more minutes to get their headshots! Please check back later as we continue to renovate our new website…we promise it’s gonna be worth the wait!

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F. A. Q

General Questions

Here on our website! You can find links to our IMDb pages, upcoming projects and all the latest news right where you are!

Well yes and no...we proudly feature Canadian talent, including members of ACTRA and other professional guilds.

We occasionally will post an open audition or casting call for current projects, and encourage you to apply if you see them come around!

Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss producing your project with us!

To protect the integrity of all works of art, we do not accept unsolicited submissions of scripts or concept pitches without first getting in touch with us. 

Well yes...we just re-did the website so we'll update questions over the next few weeks.