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Congrats, Onno!

Pictured from right to left, Onno Weeda, CSC, and Pierre Gregory sharing a celebratory smile (of relief) after a wonderful 3-days on A Last Push

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New Press Kit!

EXTRA EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Exocet Productions is pleased to announce the release of new press-kit for our short film, A Last Push for

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F. A. Q

General Questions

Exocet Productions has our offices located in the heart of Toronto, ON; We currently operate in and around the Southern Toronto area with various location-shoots or studio-shoots as needed. 

We proudly feature Canadian talent in our films, and partner with the best crew in the country behind the camera. To be in one of our films, we suggest applying to an open casting call when they're available or get in touch with a talent agent for professional representation. 

Crew calls are also posted as needed so be sure to apply when they come around!

Our productions may be screened at festivals as we currently work on network distribution across various platforms. We encourage you to check your local festivals or our website for screening dates and times.

Industry personnel may contact us directly to arrange a screener or to discuss screening at your festival. 

To protect the creative integrity of all works of art, Exocet Productions prefers to meet 1-on-1 with creative executives wishing to pitch a project. This way, we get a good feel for the story and have the opportunity to ask questions if any arise. 

Unsolicited submissions of creative material, stories, pitches and ideas will be handled in accordance with our site's terms of service.

It's coming out later in 2023, and then we go to production on a full-length feature film for 2024!