Who’s in the background?


Jul '23

In this behind-the-scenes photo, we see two of our background performers (right to left, Lisa Zhu & Patricia Roussel Boivin) sharing a quick coffee break and gossip sesh with producer/actor Maher El Hares.

Meet Lisa Zhu

Lisa Zhu is a Chinese Canadian actor born in Nanjing, China. She moved to Leeds, England with her parents at the age of 10 and finally settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 14. Lisa has recently graduated from the Acting for Film, Television and the Theatre diploma program at Toronto Film School as a president’s list and honour roll student. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Lisa is a soprano singer and also a nail artist.

Lisa was trained by many well-known industry professionals such as Rosanna Saracino, Jonathan Higgins, John Tench, Michael Ayoub, John Beale and Andy Massingham. She looks forward to working in the film industry both in North America and also in Asia.

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