Never Shake the Devil's Hand

Never Shake The Devil's Hand" is a short animated film project, written and directed by Pierre Gregory. It tells the story of Elliot Capwell, a down-and-out private investigator who has a talent for finding himself in bad company and complicated situations, such as being caught between two rival gangs vying for control of the city’s underworld. "Never Shake the Devil’s Hand" is a love letter to early film noir as well as to the city of Toronto. In the context of COVID-19, "Never Shake the Devil’s Hand" has become an animated project, lending itself perfectly to the story of Elliot Capwell, an old-fashioned PI who is out of place and out of time in modern-day Toronto. This short animated film is currently in pre-production with concept art and character illustrations being developed and a wonderful cast and crew standing by for what’s to come.

Pierre Gregory

Pierre began his artistic journey as a playwright and director for French-language theatre in Quebec and Ontario. He has also directed several short films ("Life in the Gutter" 2011, "Human Exposure" 2016, "Scarred" 2017) that have screened in festivals in Canada and abroad. After directing "Eaux troubles / Broken Waters » in 2019, his first feature, he has come back to the short form with "Never Shake the Devil's Hand", which he wrote in 2018.

Celine Chiturai

Celine Chiturai is a queer Thai Canadian filmmaker. She is the producer of several short films (Dylan & Dave, Roles, Nowhere Girl, The Maidenswood) and her work has played at festivals across North America. Her experience spans live- action, animation, and documentary film. Celine began her career in post-production. As an editor, her credits include a TVOkids series (Are You Ready?) and three documentaries (She’s the Man, Rent, Gay Romance Lit) for the world’s first LGBTQ+ content network, OUTtv. Diversity in characters, cast, and crew is a priority for Celine and she promotes environmental consciousness in the film industry. Currently, she is in post-production on two short films and directing a series of mini-documentaries on Canadian opera singers.

Antoine Tapin

Antoine Tapin is a Toronto based French Canadian producer, actor, and director. He has produced Claire de Lune, an award-winning bilingual short drama, which premiered in November 2020. He was also part of the production team for several plays by the company Les Indisciplinés de Toronto. That is eventually how he met Pierre Gregory: on stage, playing in a French modern remake of Cinderella. Antoine is the founder of Exocet Productions. His current projects include producing the short film Never Shake the Devil’s Hand (May 2021), directing the play Le Dîner de Cons (Les Indisciplinés, Falls 2021), and acting on stage in Tartuffe (Troupe des Anciens, April 2021).